"With the pandemic and our realization of how little our children were learning through distance learning, we decided to homeschool our children for the first time this year. This was a major decision for our family and we needed to learn as much as we could about homeschooling as quickly as possible. This course has been a huge resource to us as we embark on this journey for the first time. If you are looking for a wholistic, step by step guide to homeschooling this is your course. We are forever grateful for this course. Our children now have the ability to dive deeper into curriculum, explore their interest and as a result they are now thriving academically."

-Paul B.

Course Overview

This course helps parents develop a framework for creating an optimal learning environment for home education. As one of the leading homeschooling courses online, information in this course is grounded in education theory, research, and practice. In this course, we will focus on the development of a framework for home education. More specifically, we will discuss essential topics for those new to homeschooling. Homeschooling Made Simple with The Parent Educator Network will facilitate parent educator’s understanding of the following thematic areas for home education: foundation, groundwork, and guidance. We’re an e-learning platform for homeschooling and the ultimate goal of our course is for you to become a confident, informed, and purposeful parent educator.

We Can Help You Remove The Complexity Out Of Homeschooling

My Philosophy of Home Education

The most important educator is a parent educator!

As an educator with over 18 years of experience, I believe in the head, heart, hands model for transformative learning. transformative education must be intellectually engaging, spiritually cultivating (foster care), and communally connected. 

Education should be transformative to the degree that it shapes the hearts and minds of the next generation--our children. We ought not to focus on socializing our young to maintain the status quo. Instead, as parent educators, we must socialize our children to have a positive self-concept and understanding of the importance of realizing their purpose. That is, creating, building, and doing good as productive members of the society to which they belong.

Homeschooling is difficult when parents do not have the tools and framework for facilitating learning in their homes. On the other hand, homeschooling is made simple when parents are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to create an optimal learning experience that is engaging, fun, and developmentally appropriate for their children.

-Dr. NNeka Allen-Harrison | CEO & President

Learn about the benefits of homeschooling.
Learn about effective homeschooling methods.
Learn about ways to assess your child's learning.

Course Content

5 sections • 20 lessons • approximately 2.5 hours

  Getting Started - Welcome and Course Overview
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  A Foundational Discussion of Home Education
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  Groundwork for a Successful Start
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  Guidance Toward Optimal Learning
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  Congratulations, you completed the course!
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Who is this course for?

  • New and existing home educators
  • Parents interested in exploring the homeschooling option
  • Tutors who want to understand how their tutorial service may complement a homeschool learning plan
  • K12 educators who seek to collaborate with parents of children in distance learning arrangements
  • Individuals who want to develop a better understanding of the homeschooling process

What's Included in This Course?

Homeschooling Made Simple includes discussion videos, sample templates, takeaways, reflective questions, and next steps.

In this course, you will get lifetime access to all of my lectures and all corresponding resources.


You need an open mind to learn how to develop a parent educator framework for driving your child's learning process.