What is Summit Learning Institute's

Personal Empowerment Blueprint?

Our Personal Empowerment Blueprint is a collection of
motivational resources created for those who want to develop habits for self-improvement, refuel internally from the depletion of motivational capacitydevelop a success mindset for self-rebootand/or receive tips for vibrant and resilient living.

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Our Personal Empowerment Blueprint Process


eBooks are provided to help you adopt values for personal development, rationalize the mindset shift required for personal growth, and build internal motivation to take purposeful action towards achieving your goals.


Worksheets are included to guide you in reflecting on what you learn in your eBooks, facilitate connections between your ideas developed and strategies for self empowerment, and document your plans and action steps for personal accountability.


Affirmation articles are provided to help you leverage the power of spoken motivational affirmations and reinforce your personal commitments to self-actualization.

Our Personal Empowerment Blueprint includes ebooks, worksheets, checklists, workbooks, and affirmation articles to help empower yourself towards achieving your personal and professional life goals!

How to Buy Multiple eBooks or Courses in One Purchase Transaction

What's Included In This Course?

This course includes the following learning resources: ebooks, worksheets, action plans and guides, and affirmation articles

You will get lifetime access to all resources as described above.

Who is This Course For?

> Individuals who want to develop habits for self-improvement

> Individuals who want to build their capacity for self-motivation

> Individuals who want to develop a success mindset for self-reboot

> Individuals who want to receive tips for vibrant and resilient living

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

This course also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee! If you did not find this course beneficial, you'll get your money back. 


A ready mind to learn and grow

A commitment to personal development

A willingness to implement tips and strategies discussed in this course