What will you learn in this course?

Academic Mood is designed to help students determine the mood and attitude they want to have towards their education along with ways to develop strategies for improving their communication within themselves and with others.

This course will help you answer the following questions:

What are your current barriers to academic success?

How can you improve your motivation to achieve academic success?

What are your academic goals?

Students will develop the following skills:

1. Take ownership of their academic success

2. Develop a sense of honesty and commitment towards their academic goals

3. Prioritize goals, tasks, to-do-list, short and long term goals

4. Organize priorities by setting boundaries

5. Focus on and remember what is important about their education and personal growth


Students often have a negative and counterproductive attitude towards their academics and need to be honest about the current barriers to their academic success.


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How to Develop Your Academic Mood for Success

Course Instructor: Shanina Shumate, M.A.

3 Key Ingredients To Be Successful


Learn and grow


Stay competitive


Maintain your enthusiasm

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Course Content

5 sections • 7 lessons • approximately 2.5 hours

  Introduction & Welcome
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  Academic Success
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  Time Management & Accountability
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  Goals & Values
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  Congratulations! You completed Academic Mood!
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What's Included In This Course?

This course includes the following learning resources: instructional videos, downloadable resource attachments, and reflective questions. The ultimate goal of this course is to help you develop the mindset and skills to achieve your academic and lifelong goals.

You will get lifetime access to all lectures and their corresponding resources as described above.

Who is This Course For?

Students who are on academic probation, having academic challenges or having concerns about their academic motivation.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

This course also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee! If you did not find this course beneficial, you'll get your money back. 


A ready mind to learn and grow

A commitment to personal development

A willingness to implement tips and strategies discussed in this course